The Easy, NFT App.

· Floor Prices · Trending NFTs · Custom Alerts · Multichain & More
ℹ️ You can get the app free and safe, without buying a collection or connecting wallet.

Watch Floors Easily

Easiest way to see floor prices of NFTs in your wallet and even more with watching features.

Trending NFTs

See what goes up and down, be on with the trends in our explore page. We work on delivering the best mobile experience.

Stay Alert

Did you ever miss a deal? Now you can get notified and even setup your custom alerts.

Mint Coming Soon, 15th August:


444 Passes, 4 of them are 1/1s

‣ 6 months premium access to the objective moon app (from beginning of September 2022 to 31 March 2023), you can buy a card after mint and claim remaining period anytime, previous owner will also have premium access for the full mentioned period

‣ Token-gated community with benefits (AL spots for other project, giveaways for holders)

‣ Holders of the WAGROO passes at the time of snapshot (TBA) will get AL spot for our next big collection

‣ Bonus!!! If you mint and never sell, just hodl, you get a HUGE surprise!

Mint website will be announced on twitter, until then you can join our discord for possible giveaways.


What is Objective Moon App?

Objective Moon App makes your NFT life easy on mobile. Instead of having zillion tabs open on your mobile browser, you can get our app and enjoy having a look at all your NFT stats in one place, most simple things like the floor price. We deliver these stats, trending NFTs, multichain support, watching other collections that are not in your wallet, and alerts in one simple mobile app experience.

What’s your difference, there are many tools that exist?

Simplicity and accessibility. Our focus is the user experience and we eliminate unnecessary steps on the way to make it super easy for users to just enjoy what they are looking for on a simple app. We focus on the missing part we see in the market that mobile users struggle to catch up with their NFTs and what’s going on in general.

Do I have to connect my wallet?

No. Enjoy the app without worry.

What are the OG benefits?

OG users can enjoy so many things extra:

  • Unlimited floor data refresh,
  • Multiple wallet watch,
  • Unlimited collections from the wallet to watch,
  • 10 other collections to watch,
  • No ads,
  • 10 alerts to set up (Alerts release date TBA).

You can any time Join our Discord

Is it still possible to get OG?

Yes, by being active on our Discord on giveaways or through collabs.

Will I be able to use it also on the Web?

Yes, we are focusing on mobile now but it’s in our plans to also provide you a website where you can track the same stats you see on mobile.


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